Match Report
15(Sat) Sep.

Nozomi OKUHARA(JPN) 2 (21-12, 21-12) 0 Aya OHORI(JPN)

The champion of Yonex Japan Open 2015, Nozomi Okuhara showed her fine and great play in the match with her junior, Aya Ohori.

The game started with the rally they felt out each other by clears. Ohori made attack with sharp smash positively and tried to lead the rallies. On the contrary, Okuhara used high clear and driven clear for each scene, and she carried the rally with her pace. Okuhara showed light footwork and calmly controlled shots to the space on Ohori's court 11-8. After interval, Okuhara speeded up and placed shots more to 4 corners, and finally she closed the game 21-12.

From the beginning of 2nd game, Okuhara controlled shots to make Ohori some errors. Ohori showed her patience and never gave up with her powerful smashes. However, she lost her concentration and made errors gradually. Okuhara earned consecutive points. She widened her lead, then beat Ohori 21-12.

Okuhara said after the match "We know each other well so it was too deep match to not score shows. Because I couldn't challenge the queen last year, Marin, I'll do my best. I want to show fun of badminton to the audience."

Carolina Marin(ESP) 2 (21-12/21-13) Chen Yufei(CHN)

It is the first time for them to meet in the tour tournament, WR6 Marin and WR5 Yufei. Marin controlled the match with her power and placement end of the game.
Marin proceeded to the final.

In the first game, the game went see-saw at the beginning. The little break happened because of court trouble at 7-8 leading by Yufei. After solving the problem, Marin earned 8 consecutive points from 7-8 to 15-8 Marin completely seized initiative until the end of the first game at 21-12.
The second game went same as the first one. Marin made a lot of chance to win the rally with smooth footwork. She built the points constantly and finished the second game by 21-13.

Marin said, "I played well today because I could imagine how to proceed the match. The tomorrow's match will be very tough and close against Okuhara, so I will do my best for final."

Wang Yilyu & Huang Dongping(CHN) 2 ( 21-15, 21-17) 0 Yuta Watanabe & Arisa Higashino(JPN)

This is the 4th meeting for them, and they had competed at 2018 Asian games ended by Chinese pair's winning. Japanese pair never won the match against Wang/Huang.

In the beginning of the first game, Chinese pair got momentum. They earned points constantly and consecutively with powerful smashes by Wang and attacks from the front court by Huang. Watanabe/Higashino caught up at 7-7 attacking with Higashino's net kill shots. However, Japanese pair made some unforced errors and was taken the first game at 15-21.

Watanabe/Higashino couldn't take a measure during game interval. Chinese pair remained their strategy to build the point until 11-9. Japanese pair showed fantastic combination of Watanabe's various shots from back court and Higashino's footwork, sometimes. They couldn't fight back until the end of the game, and Wang/Huang got ticket to the final by closing the second game at 21-17.

After the match, Higashino said, "We allowed opponent to play well, but we couldn't change the momentum." Watanabe, "We should think how to play against the opponent who has much power and speed than ours." told outlook.

Zheng Siwei & Huang Yaqiong(CHN) 2(21-16, 17-21, 21-14) 1 Chan Peng Soon & Goh Liu Ying(MAS)

In the beginning of first game, both pairs played carefully, rather than hitting smash a lot, as if they tried to observe their opponents. Points were earned in see-saw until 11-9, then Chinese pair took the initiative of the rallies and got 6 consecutive points. Chinese pair never let the opponents take lead and won the game with 21-16.

In the second game, Malaysian pair started attacking with powerful smashes and several drop shots, taking the lead by 17-11. Chinese pair also attacked aggressively so as to catch up, however Malaysian pair never let opponents do that, and the second game ended 21-17.

In the final game, both pairs earned points one by one and nobody could predict result of the match. However, Chinese pair delivered the decisive shots every important point, and they gradually widened the lead. Finally, Chinese pair closed the final game by 21-14.