Match Report
14(Fri) Sep.

Viktor AXELSEN(DEN) 2 (21-17, 21-15) 0 Anthony Sinisuka GINTING

Last year champion, Viktor Axelsen accepted Anthony Sinisuka Ginting's challenge who defeated Axelsen's rival, Kento Momota(JPN), last month on quarter final. The game that Axelesen try to advance to SF, started with cross smash by Ginting. Axelsen was slow in getting started, on the other hand, Ginting delivered aggressive rallies and led the game. Axelesen followed Ginting to not widen the margin of points, and accelerated his speed gradually. He fired steep and controlled smashes on the opponent court, getting the initiative of the rallies with 11-9. After the interval, Ginting speeded up and attacked to catch up. He showed the amazing drop shot with Axelsen not able to touch. However, Axelsen maintained his patience and closed the game with the sharp cutting smash 21-17. After the match he said, “My defense was superior to his.”

The following game, Axelsen controlled smashes close to the side line from the early stage. Ginting also competed by attacking with powerful shots and several drop shots taking the lead by 9-7. Right at the next rally, responding to Ginting’s drop shot, Axelsen landed on his right knee on the front court when defending. He limped to the side of the court, called for a medical timeout, seeming to have pain in his right knee. After the medical cooled it down, he went back on court. He later explained it was just a hit and there is nothing to worry. After the accident, he performed like nothing happened. He got points surely and in the end of the game, he earned 4 consecutive points. Audience rose excitingly with super diving receives of both players in the long rally, and finally Ginting couldn’t return Axelsen’s cross smash.

Kento Momota (JPN) 2 (21-8, 21-10) 0 Lin Dan (CHN)

This was a match between WR.4 Japanese player Momota and WR.14 Chinese player Lin Dan. Lots of audience's eyes were on the court for the sudden rising star Momota, and the legendary Men's singler Lin Dan`s game.

Surprisingly, the game expansion was slow. Both players seemed to wait and see what kind of shots would be delivered from the opponent. Although, Momota caught Lin Dan's off guard and got some consecutive points from 3-3 to 11-3 easily. Momota didn't allow to be taken the lead by Lin Dan. Lin Dan remained calm, constantly returned and controlled the shuttle to the corners. However, Momota never lost his momentum, and closed the first game with 21-8.

In the second game, Momota still dominated the court. Momota showed great footwork skill and powerful steep smash constantly leading the points until 9-3. Lin Dan also showed his swift footwork to return from difficult zones to opponent, however, he couldn't rip out the pace from Momota. The second game was closed by Momota 21-10.

Carolina Marin (ESP) 2 (21-18, 21-19) 0 Ratchanok Intanon (THA)

From the beginning of the first game, both players returned the shuttle with very high pace. They attacked aggressively and showed great footwork skill. Points were earned in see-saw game until 5-5, but the momentum changed when Intanon made several errors with the shuttle going outside of the court. Besides, Marin made the decisive shots and gradually made the lead. Even after the long rally, Marin never stooped her aggressive attacks and closed the game with 21-18.

The second game, nobody could predict the winner of the game. However, queen of Spain, Marin slowly widened the margin of points between Intanon. Marin kept returning accurate shots near the side line and Intanon could not reach the shuttle only within a step. From the latter half, Marin slid down the court to reach the shuttle due to Intanon`s beautiful shots on side lines. However, Intanon never got to earn 3 consecutive points off Marin. Marin closed the game with 21-19.

Marcus Fernaldi Gideon & Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo (INA) 2 (21-10, 17-21, 21-14) 1 Jelle Maas & Robin Tabeling (NED)

In the first game, the momentum was completely in Gideon / Sukamuljo's hands. Both pairs made various shots which were swift low drives, and steep smashes. However, Gideon / Sukamuljo showed their great team work skills and earned points with high pace. Therefore, the first game was closed by Gideon / Sukamuljo pair at 21-10.

In the second game, Maas / Tabeling took back their play and was leading by 7-2. They played patiently and defensive without any unforced errors. On the other hand, the Indonesians made some mistakes near the net. Thus Gideon / Sukamuljo could not take back their pace and lost the second game by 21-17.

In the deciding game, Maas / Tabelin took advantage of their height and made many steep jump smashes thus making the Indonesians fall backwards. Gideon / Sukamuljo seemed to change their strategy to return shuttles to rear court. Their new strategy created opportunity and closed the game with 21-14 by Gideon / Sukamuljo.

Du Yue & Li Yinhui (CHN) 2(21-16 21-10)0 Mayu Matsumoto & Wakana Nagahara (JPN)

Mayu Matsumoto and Wakana Nagahara which was aiming to win the competition, fought against Du Yue / Li Yinhui from China.

First game, Chinese pair did many dynamic jumping smashes and drop shots.That lead them to lead the game 7-13.Japanese could not stop them and lost the game 21-16.

Second game, Du Yue and Li Yinhui continued their low aggressive rally and did not let Japanese do their play. Chinese dominated the whole game and closed the game 21-10.

After the match Matsumoto commented, "We were being too defensive. I have to look forward for the next match"