Match Report

Match Report 28(Sun) Jul.

Men's singles
Kento Momota (JPN) 2 (21-16, 21-13) 0 Christie Jonatan (INA)

Musashino Forest Sport Plaza was surrounded by the spectator's lot of loving cheers for Momota Kento. All the Japanese badminton fans were expected that Momota's 2 consecutive wins at DAIHATSU Yonex Japan Open.

From the first game, both players played aggressively, showing the speedy rallies. They earned points one by one. Christie constantly returned and controlled the shuttle to the corners, while Momota kept returning accurate shots to make a chance to win the rallies. Christie allowed Momota to earn leading points to 13-10, because of some errors around the net. Christie tried to catch up with steep smashes, although Momota returned the shuttle calmly. Finally, Momota closed the first game with 21-16.

In the second game, Momota was consistently leading the points, but their points difference was very close. Momota caught Christie's net lift shots and returned as cross smashes. The momentum has gradually shifted to the Momota side. Christie couldn't reach Momota's shots only within a step. Momota won the second game at 21-13.

In the press interview after the match, Momota said "I wasn't really good condition today, but I cherished each shot so that made me win. I felt heavy pressure this year compared to last year, also long coemption which is 5days are very hard for me, but I was encouraged by many cheering voices from children. Thank you so much."

Women's singles
Akane Yamaguchi (JPN) 2(21-13/ 21-15)0 Nozomi Okuhara (JPN)

Japanese ace's, Yamaguchi and Okuhara competed at the women's final of Daihatsu Yonex Japan Open 2019. They had played against at finals of Yonex Japan Open 2015, and Okuhara won the match at that time.

In the beginning of the first game, both players built points to each other. the cross-drop shots from Okuhara's right-hand side of rear-court to Yamaguchi's right-hand side of fore-court were effective. In addition, the rallies were made longer due to Okuhara's patient defensive receives. However, Yamaguchi played strategically with a combination of powerful smashes and footwork, and she earned 7 consecutive points from 8-9 to 15-9. Yamaguchi won the first game at 21-13.

The second game was more exciting with various rallies. Okuhara showed her aggressive attacks with steep smashes. They seemed to seek a chance with exchanging offense and defense each other. Yamaguchi went the extra mile. She overcame the opponent's defense with her specialty of speed and power, and she closed the match with 6 consecutive points from 15-15 to 21-15.

This is the second time for Yamaguchi to be the winner of Yonex Japan Open. She said at the press interview "we exchanged the long rallies from the beginning, but I could keep my concentration and play patiently. It is the first time for me to be the winner 2 weeks in a row, I feel a sense of accomplishment for that."

Okuhara said at the press interview "I could play at the finals, but the result was not good. I was beaten by the speedy play of Yamaguchi."

Men's Doubles
Gideon Marcus Fernaldi & Sukamuljo Kevin Sanjaya (INA) 2 (21-18, 23-21) 0 Ahsan Mohammad & Setiawan Hendra (INA)

In the opening game, both teams showed fierce battle with steep smashes and swift low drives, because of the dizzy speed of shuttles, they were surrounded by Japanese spectator's lot of loving cheers. The game developed as see-sawed game until 6-6. Gideon/Sukamujlo showed brilliant shots to the corners and it made them earn some corrective points. Ahsan /Setiawan found a slight opening and put the shuttle on the corners of the front and the end of the court, however, Gideon/Sukamuljo never allow them leading the points and closed the first game with 21-18.

In the second game, Ahsan/Setiawan reacted well against Gideon/Sukamuljo attacks. Ahsan/Setiawan attacked aggresively again and again, so their strategy changed the momentum, they took points by 15-10. Nobody could predict the winner of this game. However, kings of men's doubles Gideon/Sukamuljo, caught up the opponent to 17-17. Both parties never gave away the title of the winner and showed an exciting game with aggressive shots. They face to face in a thrilling match to 21-21. Finally, Gideon/Sukamuljo closed the game with 23-21.

After the hard game, Gideon/Sukamuljo said "We are very happy to be the winner of DAIHATSU Yonex Japan Open three times in a row. Ahsan/Setiwan are really good players, they have offensive power at high speed. For the Tokyo Olympic, we are looking forward to playing at this same gymnasium."

Women's Doubles
Kim So Yeong & Kong Hee Yong (KOR) 2 (21-12, 21-12) 0 Mayu Matsumoto & Wakana Nagahara (JPN)

In the first game, Kim/Kong pair started with much concentration and aggressively shots. Kim/Kong didn't allow to be taken the lead by Matsumoto/Nagahara and earned points to 9-4. Matsmoto/Nagahara couldn't pick up their pace, they just had to return the shuttle with patient defense. Momentum has not shifted until the end, Matsumoto/Nagahara lost the game with a 12-21 score on the board.

The second game started with almost the same flow as the previous set. Matsumoto/Nagahara tried their best, not to allow Korean pair to shot steep smashes, though Matsumoto/Nagahara couldn't rip out the pace from the opponent. Kim/Kong reacted well and constantly returning with accurate shots. Korean pair's accurate shots caused Matsumoto/Nagahara unforced errors. Matsumoto/ Nagahara couldn't catch up with Kim/Kong, and Kim/Kong closed the second game by 21-12.

After the game, Kim/Kong said, "This is our first victory at a big tournament. We are very happy and we think that this experience leads to our confidence. Our strength is offensive power, we will keep using our strength to the next Thailand open."

Wang Yi Lyu & Huang Dong Ping (CHN) 2(21-17 / 21-16) 0 Praveen Jordan & Melati Deava Oktavianti(INA)

WR1 Chinese pair and WR6 Indonesian pair played at the finals. They have met 5 times in the tournament and the Chinese pair won all the time.

In the first game, both pairs built consecutive points each other, so the score was see-sawed. However, the Chinese pair earned 5 consecutive points from 12-12 to 17-12 with the combination of Wang's powerful smashes and Huang's speedy defense at the fore-court. Chinese pair won the first game at 21-17.

Indonesian pair kept up somehow with the Chinese pair in the second game. Praveen's dynamic and powerful smashes made the spectators excited. But Chinese pair could receive back the attack from the Indonesian pair and never forgive to catch up the score. Chinese pair led the score and close the match at 21-16.

Chinese pair said "Indonesian pair was strong, but we could play as who we are. We can train well and keep our condition after All England Open. We plan to enter the tournament over 750 points."

Indonesian pair said "we lost the match because Chinese pair's combination and speed were very well. We want to prepare for the match more next time."